Transform your customer’s vulnerability into resilience

After many years working with mortgage brokers and bankers, our dedication to help the consumers has driven us to seek innovative solutions that ensure complete peace of mind for our clients and partners. This has culminated in a best-in-class, white-label Identity Theft Protection, tailored with care and attention to your customers.

White Label Your ID Theft Protection

Customized Solutions for Your Industry

We understand your specific needs and have tailored our products to provide optimal value, ensuring your members or employees receive top-tier protection.

Expert Support for Seamless Integration

Your customers are supported by our US based customer support that answers their questions and resolve their issues.  

Leading-Edge Technology

At the forefront of identity protection, we present a comprehensive suite of services. Our platform boasts ready-to-implement white-label solutions encompassing Identity Protection, Credit Monitoring & Reports, Restoration & Recovery Services. If you require complete autonomy, our services are also accessible through APIs, allowing for complete customization and effortless integration with any existing solutions.

The Complete Suite of Services

In today’s interconnected world, safeguarding your customer’s identity and financial wellness is non-negotiable. Cybercrime, identity theft and fraud are constant threats.
With our complete suit of services, we fortify your customer’s defenses:

Identity Protection

Real-time monitoring of activity across the web, safeguarding financial data, personal information, and alert of recent breaches.

Credit Monitoring

Get a comprehensive overview of financial health status with one and three-bureau credit monitoring, credit reports, and additional services.

Restoration & Recovery

In the unfortunate event of an identity theft, our personal recovery specialists will guide you through the whole restoration process.

There is an Identity Theft Case Every 22 Seconds

Introducing Clear Digital Footprint

Partner with us to offer Clear Digital Footprint, a powerful privacy protection service for your customers or employees. It is not merely a solution; it is a commitment to safeguarding what matters most.

Foster customer loyalty, boost retention rates, fortify your brand presence, and unlock new revenue streams today with our industry leading Identity Theft Protection.

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